Since 1991 the MASCOM Group is one of the largest developers and producers of hardware for information security and control. Over the past two decades, the company’s specialists have developed more than 150 products.

Our distinguishing feature is that all our developments are based on the practical experience of our specialists and the needs of our customers. Our Design and Project Offices allow us to quickly adapt our existing products (and to create the new ones) to insure continuous progress of information and communication technologies. As before, a key element in this development is the practical use own products within our Group of Companies, something that allows us to quickly improve the technical and consumer features of our products.

Our solutions are constantly developing and growing in functionality. As a result, the products we developed at the beginning of the 2000s have become the ancestors of technologies that we are still enhancing today. The key features of our products are ease of use, effectiveness, strict compliance with specified parameters, optimal prices, upgradability and minimization of mass-dimension parameters.

Our product line has been developed keeping in mind both existing standards and norms, and state-of-the-art trends. Our own testing department allows us to comprehensively test all product types offered to customers, providing additional proof of compliance with stated parameters.

New products appear quite frequently as our sector develops, so the ability MASCOM Group’s experts to conduct comprehensive consultations for customers when selecting new equipment is an important factor. Our Training Center serves as a polygon allowing our customers not only to carry out cross-validation testing of our different equipment, but also allows them to receive practical skills for its optimum use.

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