The Equipment Department is one of the key subdivisions within the MASCOM group of companies and was created in 2007. Today it employs more than 50 specialists, including Doctors of Science and high-class specialists in the area of information security.

The basic business areas of the Department are performing scientific research, development, design and experimental tasks, as well as the manufacture and implementation of the following kinds of equipment:

  • Information security equipment, including equipment for the cryptographic protection of information;
  • Engineering equipment and automated systems to detect devices for unauthorized information access (“bugs”);
  • Specialized software for information monitoring and information security;
  • Special jamming systems for wireless communications;
  • Specialized measuring equipment from the State register of measuring equipment;
  • Special technical equipment for covert data collection.

In our work, we actively cooperate with leading companies and relevant specialized educational institutions

The developments and products the Department’s specialists create are well known both in the Russian and foreign information security markets. The equipment manufactured and the systems implemented are in active use at both business and government consumers. In the course of our work, we interact closely with the end users of our products, a fact that allows us to adapt quickly to specific requirements and conditions of use.

Every year the subdivisions of the Department produce more than 150 product items, a list which is constantly updated. Practically all the products we manufacture are certified by the State. A number of products and developments are protected by Russian Government patents and copyrights, and our software is registered with the State.

Some of the products we manufacture have already undergone more than three generations of technological development and remain standards in their respective areas:

  • “Shorokh” security systems for acoustic speech information;
  • “Morpheus” electronic jamming systems for wireless (mobile) communications and data transfer;
  • “Talis” specialized selective nanovolt measuring devices.

The stable manufacture of competitive and quality products is upheld by our quality control system, which is certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 and GOST RV 0015-002-2012.

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