The MASCOM Training Center (TC) is a sector training platform for the preparation of specialists in the area of information security and protection.

The credo of the MASCOM TC is practical instruction using a rich technical arsenal of the latest educational technologies, and the experience and knowledge of highly-qualified teachers.

The MASCOM Training Center is also a famous platform for exchanging experience, discussing the most topical issues, and searching for solutions to sector problems.

The MASCOM Training Center was created in 1998 for the further education of managers and specialists working to providing information security to businesses, organizations and institutions. The Center’s educational activities are conducted based on a license from the Moscow City Department of Education. Teaching is done based on programs approved by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control and the Federal Security Service.

In 2004 the MASCOM Training Center was granted the status of a non-commercial educational institution. Since 2005, the TC has been conducting courses on location in various regions of Russia.

Today The Non-Commercial Education Institution, Further Professional Education, Information Security Training Center at MASCOM is one of the leading specialized educational institutions in the Russian Federation. By resolution of the Interagency Commission for Protecting State Secrets # 305 dated 28 April 2015, it was included in the List of organizations conducting educational activities authorized to issue upon graduation a document certified by the State confirming that the head of said organization has received an education and (or) a qualification necessary to protect information classified as State secret.

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